• Phyrexian Tribute $17.41 (+478.4053%)
  • Brave the Elements $16.43 (+287.5000%)
  • Crescendo of War $19.02 (+190.3817%)
  • Impulse $121.99 (+155.3695%)
  • Chill $27.50 (+81.1594%)
  • Jace, Memory Adept $998.51 (+71.6656%)
  • Bad Moon $199.95 (-55.5143%)
  • Fiery Impulse $1.15 (+53.3333%)
  • Shock $12.49 (+49.5808%)
  • Volcanic Island $1,442.50 (-43.2201%)
  • Nightmare $45.86 (-41.9494%)
  • Boomerang $7.67 (+38.9493%)
  • White Knight $14.97 (-36.8354%)
  • Circle of Protection: Art $5.05 (+33.5979%)
  • Blessing $250.00 (+33.3404%)
  • Library of Alexandria $4,875.00 (-30.3570%)
  • Army of Allah $40.66 (+30.1536%)
  • Dismiss $9.97 (-30.0842%)
  • Soltari Foot Soldier $1.30 (+30.0000%)
  • Rending Volley $4.14 (+28.9720%)
  • Taurean Mauler $1.31 (+28.4314%)
  • Heaven's Gate $6.00 (-27.1845%)
  • Heaven's Gate $6.00 (-27.1845%)
  • Guardian Beast $750.00 (-26.8293%)
  • Bayou $1,244.99 (+26.6031%)
  • Celestial Prism $2.99 (+26.1603%)
  • Yellow Scarves General $374.38 (-26.1505%)
  • Immersturm $2.24 (-26.0726%)
  • Swords to Plowshares $323.99 (-25.7891%)
  • Cockatrice $45.49 (-25.4140%)
  • Hivis of the Scale $11.25 (-24.9500%)
  • Righteousness $37.99 (-24.0048%)
  • Tomb of Urami $1.24 (+24.0000%)
  • Ancient Ooze $2.91 (+23.3051%)
  • Pillage $31.49 (+23.2485%)
  • Mage Slayer $1.29 (-23.2143%)
  • Shrapnel Blast $4.00 (-22.9287%)
  • Architects of Will $1.09 (+22.4719%)
  • Veteran Bodyguard $48.83 (-22.1833%)
  • Canopy Vista $33.25 (-21.7647%)
  • Deathgrip $5.00 (-21.7527%)
  • Mogg Fanatic $36.25 (+21.6851%)
  • Balance $179.92 (-21.4460%)
  • Icy Manipulator $170.00 (+20.4392%)
  • Ring of Ma'rûf $180.00 (-19.9964%)
  • Haunting Wind $89.00 (-19.9640%)
  • Thran Tome $12.00 (-19.9466%)
  • Timetwister $11,149.50 (+19.9000%)
  • Eunuchs' Intrigues $47.30 (-19.8713%)
  • Faerie Conclave $9.60 (+19.8502%)


As announced in the previous post, we enter (after long battles) on the Patronite platform.
I will soon have to update the Polish language version in the mobile and web application.
Meanwhile, if you want to 'give a penny', I will not be offended at all ;)
Sheldon released a quarterly update in Commander. On the one hand, I am surprised by unban, on the other hand, I am glad that I did not start assembling Golos. There was also one 'cosmetic' change.

TL;DR: Unban Worldfire, Ban Golos, Tireless Pilgrim
Magic: the Travelling - Gralnia - Games without electricity and another meeting with the Łódź Commander.
I have to admit that it is better - I would say "the second phase of edh" ;)
It's been a long time since I opened a box like this... #mtg #mtg2x2 #mtgcommander #mtgedh #mtgfinance #mtgcollection
During the tests of the next deck to EDH, I came to the conclusion that such erasable tokens as they have on streams are a nice option.
I decided to check if it is possible to do such at home.
Before you the test result for:
- cards with a removed foil layer, in a pro-fit t-shirt
- back of Ultra PR...
Goodbye to Hullbreacher.
You probably noticed in the mobile application additional numbers that appeared in brackets next to the name of the add-on. I hasten to explain that this is a collector's number of a given card, which should make it easier to choose a specific card. However, I would ask for information if you find a...
During the last cleanup, there were several codes for the Arena. Maybe someone has not used it yet, and will be happy to take a few packages ;)
I couldn't help myself ;)
Today I will not write much, but I will show something that I am working on when refreshing the page ;)
A new position has appeared in the commander decklists, i.e. 'Salt score', which (currently) is based on the results of last year's survey edhrec.com/top/salt
My Chulane got a solid 8, so it's thick. I'd love to see your results :)

Edit: after the suggestion there is already "more salt". Both in di...
Well, after the fish ...
At the outset, I admit that I realize that I have strongly neglected the publication of 'non-automatic' content on a fanpage, but as it happens - there is a lot going on in life and not always a person has a head for everything. Wizards added their three cents so pumping the market with the amou...
Work is underway to introduce an additional "Salt Score" metric in the web application for decklists to Commander (based on the results of last year's survey). I encourage all active EDHs to take part in this year's survey, in which we will click through random cards and define their 'saltiness'.
Such a bit of sadness... and that's another. First they beat dci, now they beat the PRO scene. Quo vadis Wizards?

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