• Gideon, Ally of Zendikar $62.00 (+236.7735%)
  • Kismet $1.41 (+98.5915%)
  • Sage's Knowledge $5.30 (+96.2963%)
  • Zhou Yu, Chief Commander $52.09 (+93.1405%)
  • Righteousness $18.50 (+85.1852%)
  • Trip Wire $1.70 (+51.7857%)
  • Smothering Abomination $4.00 (+47.6015%)
  • Balance of Power $55.00 (+39.0645%)
  • Heroic Intervention $26.00 (+37.6390%)
  • Thespian's Stage $4.39 (+35.9133%)
  • Sacred Guide $2.54 (-35.3690%)
  • Lure $2.80 (+33.3333%)
  • Kormus Bell $17.95 (+30.5455%)
  • Tamiyo, Field Researcher $16.99 (-29.0605%)
  • Piracy $36.07 (+28.6377%)
  • Shu General $5.68 (+27.0694%)
  • Lord of the Pit $33.71 (+24.4830%)
  • Kynaios and Tiro of Meletis $12.38 (+23.8000%)
  • Mechanized Production $11.02 (-23.7898%)
  • Traverse the Ulvenwald $8.99 (-23.6842%)
  • Marble Diamond $1.23 (+23.0000%)
  • Faerie Macabre $1.82 (+22.9730%)
  • Kudzu $17.50 (+22.8070%)
  • Xenic Poltergeist $3.24 (+22.7273%)
  • Harvest Season $2.50 (+21.3592%)
  • Personal Incarnation $14.45 (+21.0218%)
  • Boros Signet $1.52 (-20.8333%)
  • Jihad $145.70 (+20.4331%)
  • Tainted Wood $1.37 (+20.1754%)
  • Ink-Eyes, Servant of Oni $11.99 (+20.0200%)
  • Wielding the Green Dragon $1.27 (+19.8113%)
  • Empty City Ruse $13.16 (+19.7452%)
  • Zhao Zilong, Tiger General $53.99 (+18.7899%)
  • Artifact Mutation $3.08 (+18.4615%)
  • Revel in Riches $16.49 (+17.8699%)
  • Weaver of Lies $1.50 (-17.5824%)
  • Wonder $2.94 (-17.1831%)
  • Odric, Lunarch Marshal $4.94 (+17.0616%)
  • Guan Yu's 1,000-Li March $21.71 (-16.7880%)
  • Tetravus $34.99 (+16.6722%)
  • Seeker of Skybreak $1.45 (+16.0000%)
  • Mind Stone $1.17 (+15.8416%)
  • Wrath of God $58.22 (-15.6110%)
  • Kasimir the Lone Wolf $2.31 (+15.5000%)
  • Windseeker Centaur $6.75 (-14.9874%)
  • Grim Lavamancer $31.72 (+14.3063%)
  • Serra Angel $32.89 (-14.2149%)
  • Boros Signet $1.37 (+14.1667%)
  • Wall of Bone $2.29 (+13.9303%)
  • Erratic Portal $7.99 (+13.8177%)


I appreciate the choice of cards, but this owl looks not especially ... at least on graphics. If live is not so 'going out' on top, Then I'm on yes.
#judgepromos #judgeacademy
[Happy Birthday]
Today it passes exactly 6 years since the first version of the application took off. As you see a lot has changed since then, and the TODO list is still not empty;) Stety, be sorry-most things happen ' under the hood ', so there are still places where the front of the kuleje, but al...
Well, who would expect;) The fact that the eye in the standard poleme seemed to be a foregone, but that it also gets the Legacy and Vintage is a nice surprise. Nice, because at least you will be able to make up some cards to EDH (I know it's apparently not Magic) at reasonable prices:D
Finally, I was able to find the time to add a feature that many people have waited for, which is the ability to edit collections from the mobile app:)
This option is available only to users who have connected to a WEB app with a mobile application.
Those who were present at the GP of Cracow and were not so absorbed by the game probably noticed the visits ' uniformed '. Here's an explanation of what it meant.
Prerelease Throne of Eldraine and deck on 2-0-2. Format like cool, but terribly free. Maybe the draft will be faster, because sealed Buja from the deadline to the deadline;)
Downstream leaks. Was he waiting for us to return to Lorwyn in the fall? If so, j I am as much as possible!
I admit that long ago there was such a big news in EDH. Beware of Jaram, because I doubt the size of the wallet needed;)
I kindly inform you that after a malfunction with the operator, we return to action. Today, the current price lists will be supplemented and another MCM notation will appear.
The release date of Commander 2019 is approaching, so there are more and more leaks. It is possible that the new generals will be orientated around such abilities as populate, Flash, Morph and madness. It sounds interesting.
Although this information has disappeared from the original page, the ' Int...
Reddit has failed. This time, fresh leaks regarding the upcoming/returning Theros.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/magicTCG/comments/dp1y01/theros_beyond_death_major_spoilers
I can not be amazed... Such a large number of changes in the list B&R have not seen for a long time. As far as Hogaak and Looting are not surprised, it positively surprises Mystic.

P.S. due to a failure at the service provider, applications temporarily do not work:(
I rarely throw things here from Instagram, but this time I'm terribly jaram:)

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