• Solemnity $4.99 (+213.8365%)
  • Fluctuator $11.99 (+124.9531%)
  • Solemnity $8.15 (+107.3791%)
  • Wei Scout $1.65 (+52.7778%)
  • Straw Soldiers $15.00 (+48.5149%)
  • Heroic Intervention $26.00 (+37.6390%)
  • Trip Wire $2.49 (+37.5691%)
  • Corrupt Eunuchs $1.50 (-32.4324%)
  • Dingus Egg $10.49 (-31.9715%)
  • Veteran Bodyguard $16.50 (-31.1640%)
  • Tamiyo, Field Researcher $16.99 (-29.0605%)
  • Famine $2.72 (+27.1028%)
  • Lignify $2.00 (-26.1993%)
  • Decree of Annihilation $2.49 (+24.5000%)
  • Righteousness $8.96 (-24.0034%)
  • Mechanized Production $11.02 (-23.7898%)
  • Xenic Poltergeist $3.24 (+22.7273%)
  • Astral Slide $4.74 (+22.1649%)
  • Yellow Scarves Cavalry $10.31 (+21.4370%)
  • Harvest Season $2.50 (+21.3592%)
  • Purelace $5.15 (-20.6471%)
  • Ink-Eyes, Servant of Oni $11.99 (+20.0200%)
  • Languish $6.10 (+18.4466%)
  • Sleight of Mind $17.95 (-18.3720%)
  • Tranquil Grove $1.23 (-18.0000%)
  • Marble Diamond $1.54 (-17.6471%)
  • Tetravus $34.99 (+16.6722%)
  • Alaborn Zealot $1.33 (+16.6667%)
  • Wild Growth $1.16 (-16.5468%)
  • Lightning Rift $2.14 (+15.6757%)
  • Kasimir the Lone Wolf $2.31 (+15.5000%)
  • Island Sanctuary $16.91 (-15.3230%)
  • Noxious Toad $1.07 (+15.0538%)
  • Windseeker Centaur $6.75 (-14.9874%)
  • Guardian Beast $379.99 (-14.6032%)
  • Grim Lavamancer $31.72 (+14.3063%)
  • Revelation $11.99 (-14.0502%)
  • Personal Incarnation $12.56 (-14.0315%)
  • Serpent Generator $7.72 (-14.0312%)
  • Seaside Citadel $1.24 (+13.7615%)
  • Minion Reflector $1.95 (-12.9464%)
  • Chromium $39.50 (+12.8894%)
  • Abandoned Sarcophagus $1.14 (+12.8713%)
  • Zur the Enchanter $4.08 (+12.7072%)
  • Rohgahh of Kher Keep $44.98 (+12.5907%)
  • Forgotten Ancient $1.54 (+12.4088%)
  • Ball Lightning $2.84 (+12.2530%)
  • Granite Gargoyle $30.30 (-12.1739%)
  • Skullbriar, the Walking Grave $4.71 (+12.1429%)
  • White Ward $1.09 (-12.0968%)


'Dad, and Maro said...' - Ikoria Edition
Well, who would expect;) The fact that the eye in the standard poleme seemed to be a foregone, but that it also gets the Legacy and Vintage is a nice surprise. Nice, because at least you will be able to make up some cards to EDH (I know it's apparently not Magic) at reasonable prices:D
Finally, I was able to find the time to add a feature that many people have waited for, which is the ability to edit collections from the mobile app:)
This option is available only to users who have connected to a WEB app with a mobile application.
This is how we reprint enemy fetche by not printing fetchy. I'm curious about the final amount and availability of such a set of :)
Prerelease Throne of Eldraine and deck on 2-0-2. Format like cool, but terribly free. Maybe the draft will be faster, because sealed Buja from the deadline to the deadline;)
About KOil format that no longer likes moose 3/3 ;)
I admit that long ago there was such a big news in EDH. Beware of Jaram, because I doubt the size of the wallet needed;)
I kindly inform you that after a malfunction with the operator, we return to action. Today, the current price lists will be supplemented and another MCM notation will appear.
Interesting article about 3-card Magic, which is a slightly different approach to M:tG. You can header nicely, because 'format' opens up a mass of possibilities ;)
Reddit has failed. This time, fresh leaks regarding the upcoming/returning Theros.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/magicTCG/comments/dp1y01/theros_beyond_death_major_spoilers
I can not be amazed... Such a large number of changes in the list B&R have not seen for a long time. As far as Hogaak and Looting are not surprised, it positively surprises Mystic.

P.S. due to a failure at the service provider, applications temporarily do not work:(
I appreciate the choice of cards, but this owl looks not especially ... at least on graphics. If live is not so 'going out' on top, Then I'm on yes.
#judgepromos #judgeacademy
[Happy Birthday]
Today it passes exactly 6 years since the first version of the application took off. As you see a lot has changed since then, and the TODO list is still not empty;) Stety, be sorry-most things happen ' under the hood ', so there are still places where the front of the kuleje, but al...

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Ob Nixilis, the Hate-Twisted
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Kasmina, Enigmatic Mentor
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Kaya, Bane of the Dead
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Dovin, Hand of Control
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